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Steven Wilhelm


Kenneth & Blaire Mossman Professor of Microbiology


Science & Engineering Room 637 (O); 634 (Lab)


      Office:   (865) 974-0665

             Lab:      (865) 974-0682




Professor Wilhelm's vitae



Research in the Wilhelm lab focuses on the interactions of microbial communities with the environment and in turn how the environment shapes microbial communities. Scientists at all levels work to resolve the synergies between microbial communities and biogeochemical cycles in lakes and oceans. Lab members use biomolecular tools - DNA and RNA sequencing, metabolomics, and PCR-based quantitative analyses - to study viruses, bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae. Currently the laboratory has a specific focus on virus ecology, toxic cyanobacterial blooms and the development of quantitative molecular tools for microbial ecology.


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Aug 2019


 Professor Wilhelm has been interviewed by several sources recently on toxic cyanobacteria and how to protect your pets.   Check out the WBIR story.

Sept 2019


The lab is excited to be part of a new DOE-OBER funded project to look at microbes and viruses in peatlands! 

Sept 2019


Chance favours the prepared mind.    Brittany Zepernick's observations from her lab culture experiments have turned into a methods paper, now available on bioRxiv.

Oct 2019   Having just completed the first our our NSF-funded research cruises in the Sargasso Sea, the project web site is now LIVE.
Oct 2019   Our collaborations with the Bullerjahn and McKay groups and others out in Frontiers in Microbiology was featured in a NSF Press release and has been picked up by several media sources.
Nov 2019   Our overview of the Molecular Limnologist's Toolbox is out in Lake Letters


Nov 2019   Professor Wilhelm was a guest on This Week in Virology (#575).   Check it out!


Nov 2019   Our work was part of the discussion on This Week in Evolution (#49). More interesting conversations of large viruses.


Dec 2019   Our collaboration with the Bullerjahn and McKay groups was selected as a NIEHS "Environmental Factor Paper of the Month "

End of Sargasso cruise team photo with members of the Weitz (Ga Tech), Sullivan (The Ohio State) and Lindell (Technion) labs from October 2019.


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Department of Microbiology


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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology          UTK/ORNL Genome Science & Technology

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Lab gathering to celebrate Jackson's successful PhD defense. April 2018

For information on strains, isolates or constructs, please contact Professor Wilhelm

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